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This page looks at how we work with clients (old and new)...

Your Ideas

Before starting a new project we will need a good understanding of your website requirements (your expectations and ideas for the site), from here we can assess project complexity and compile an initial quote.

Ideally an overview of your project should be provided as a Word or PDF document, alternatively you could put this information into an email for us. Discussing a project over the phone is also cool (we prefer speaking to people) however we do like things in black and white before pricing up a project or confirming a meeting.

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All Tidy Design quotes are based on the approximate man-hours required to complete (develop, test and launch) a project. These hours are based on your site requirements, the more accurate (in-depth) a project overview the more accurate our quote. Likewise, the more advance or complex a site, the more hours we would allocate thus increasing the price.

Over the years we have worked with many different web design budgets, no two projects are the same. If you have a budget in mind then please do tell us, we will always do our best to help.

Meeting Up

Once we understand your site requirements and have a budget in mind a meeting is advised but not necessary. We have a meeting room at Tidy Design HQ or alternatively we can come to you. Meeting up is a great way to brainstorm ideas and better understand a business/project prior to designing a site.


With any new project we do ask a 50% deposit prior to starting work, the reaming balance becomes payable on completion. When it comes to any additional edits or future updates we charge £47 per hour in X15 minute slots. All web work is logged in our diary and billed for at month-end, payment terms 30 days net.

Website Development

So, it is time to get started - We have the site requirements, a budget is set, we have discussed your ideas over a coffee and a deposit is on its way...

Here at Tidy Design we do like our clients to get involved with the creation of a new site. To do this we create a unique area on Tidy Design so you can login and view our progress (in real-time) and send us feedback during the design. Before designing a new site we always ask for some examples of sites you like and dislike, this helps us understand what style of site you are looking for.

When it comes to designing a new site unique content (and code) will certainly contribute to its online success. A bespoke design optimised for your business and sector will trump any DIY website or build your own platform. Do keep this in mind when shopping around.

In terms of website content (text and photos) this is the responsibility of the website owner (our lovely clients). If you get stuck or require any assistance with this then please let us know. We have a couple of stock photo accounts which allow us to purchase photos legally.

Launch Date

As soon as your site is good to go we would assist in its launch, uploading code and files to the web on your behalf. To do this we will require FTP access to your domain, you should be able to obtain this information from your hosting provider. As soon as your site is online we would create and submit a sitemap.xml to help search engines identify and index content.

When it comes to Google and your organic search results there are several factors to consider. Sadly a new domain will not reach page one over night, this is something to keep in mind. If however a domain is established (has been around a few years) then a new site will have a bigger impact. We'd be delighted to discuss the marketing your site once it is online...

Kidney Research UK Logo

"There is a great collaborative team at Tidy Design and one that I have enjoyed working with on a daily basis since April 2016. From reviewing a string of code developed by another team to re-writing the code, developing and validating in the NHS, nothing has been too much trouble. They are always available at the end of the phone or by mail which is so important to any client working on a fast moving and ever-changing project.

The new eGFR software (for the early detection of Chronic Kidney Disease) has taken just 10 months to produce, which is very quick turnaround in IT world. Mike and his team have carefully listened to our needs, and those of the NHS Laboratory Scientists to produce a unique piece of software that is effective and easy to use and will ultimately improve patient outcomes in the UK"

Lesley Woolnough (Project Manager),
ASSIST-CKD Kidney Research UK

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